Connection issues

Talky attempts to establish direct connections between two browsers. Sometimes, this does not work. That is probably the reason you are reading this.


Routers are very common in private residences and small companies. However, they typically prevent your computer from knowing its public address and without knowing this it can not tell your peer where to send the data.

We provide a STUN server so that your browser can tell your peer its public IP address. This is sufficient to establish a connection about 80% of the time.

There are certain types of routers where this does not work. They need a little help from an external server (called a TURN server) to relay the voice and video data. We provide such a server so that more Talky calls will go through.

On mobile networks, such a TURN server is required almost all the time.

Note: Even if audio and video data passes our TURN servers, we cannot decrypt it. See our privacy policy for details.


Enterprises often use firewalls to protect computers in their network. Sometimes, it is possible to work around such firewalls. For this purpose, we provide TURN relay server running on the standard HTTP port 80 and port 443.