Talky makes our
big world a little smaller

It’s truly simple video chat.
No downloads, signup, or payment required.

Screen sharing

Add anyone’s screen to the conversation.

Locked rooms

Add a shared key to a room for added privacy.

“Talky is awesome.”

Andy Baio

from the Internet

Committed to privacy

We don’t sell ads, resell your information, or keep track of what you do online. And we encrypt all the things we possibly can. Read our privacy policy for the full story.


With SimpleWebRTC you can add voice, video, and screen-sharing to your app with easy-to-use React components. We'll handle the UX edge cases and uptime so you can focus on your vision.

WebRTC consulting

Put our vast experience with realtime technologies to work for your project. We can provide your team on-demand support, scaling assistance, and custom development. We’d love to help.