Add voice, video, and
screen-sharing to your app

The fastest time-to-market available

Reliable & scalable

Talky Core is relied upon every minute of every day by thousands of Talky users and our clients.

Cost effective

We're here to help you make great software, not collect rent.

Customizable UI

Full functionality with a basic theme you can style to match your interface—or get our help.

Contact us today. We'd love to hear your goals and see if we can help!

Here’s how Talky Core works:


Choose your features.

Choose from voice, video, and screen-sharing.

Optional add-ons:

  • Recording
  • Broadcast
  • Group text chat
  • 1-to-1 text chat
  • Mobile (Android mobile web, native iOS)

We are also able to provide custom development for other realtime features.


Choose how you’ll integrate.

You can add Talky Core to your web app in one of two ways:

  • Add a single line of JavaScript
  • Add a React component

From there, you can use our default styling or tweak it as you see fit.


Choose your server.

Talky Cloud: Let us run the hard parts for you.

For a marginal fee based on your usage, you can use our Talky Cloud and get access to our first-tier support for your service. Most companies just need our smallest monthly Talky Cloud package which is less than these servers would cost for you to operate on your own.

Talky Deploy: Run your own Talky server

If your product or security requirements depend on running Talky on your own infrastructure, we can install and configure Talky Core on your servers, plus provide training to your operations staff. We also offer support options.


Schedule your integration

We'll work with you to get Talky Core quickly added to your application.

“The &yet team has taken a hard problem and made it incredibly simple and easy to use.”Peter Baumgartner, Lincoln Loop

Is Talky Core right for you?

“Collaboration Software: Hire, Rent or Buy?” A free whitepaper

There are a lot of options available for building collaboration software or adding these features to your application. Based on our experience, we’ve written a detailed whitepaper helping guide you through these options. We'd like to share with you some of what we've learned in order to help you make the best decision.

Drop your email here and we'll send you a free copy:

More about Talky Core

30 Day Warranty

For the first 30 days after your integration, we’ll be available for support requests and questions from your engineers. And we’ll respond fast to your needs—no longer than one business day.

SLA and support options

Talky Cloud has 24/7 monitoring and on-call operations. Our internationally distributed team means we're able to provide urgent support at any hour. With a Talky Core SLA and Support plan, you'll get updates to the JavaScript application and high priority response to support requests (within one business day).

Built on trusted technology

Talky ( is the longest-running WebRTC-based video chat, collaboration, and screensharing product. Scores of people rely on it every day. Talky Core covers the hundreds of edge cases you need to cover to create a great and reliable user experience. There’s over $15 million dollars in effort invested into the components that make up Talky Core.

From an experienced team

The team behind Talky is one of the most veteran realtime engineering groups that can be found anywhere. Multiple members of our team have decades of experience building realtime communication tools, and even helped create and contribute to standardized protocols and software used and relied upon by companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Cisco, and AT&T. (Oh, and most of those companies are also &yet customers.)

Let us worry about the painful stuff

Talky Core comes with batteries included for all the hard technical parts: TURN and STUN servers, signaling, video bridge, testing, scaling, and the hundreds of edge cases you need to cover to create a great user experience.